InstallShare makes the most money out of your downloads.

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InstallShare helps you to make the most out of your downloads. InstallShare allows you to focus on the development of your business and is a perfect marketing tool for monetization of your downloads with unlimited possibilities. With our broad network of premium advertisers, InstallShare is able to offer your users attractive products and tools while downloading your software.

1. Sign Up

Simply log in to InstallShare with your login details to get your projects started. Manage your account details and change your personal settings at all times.

2. File Bundling

Customize your download packages and optimize your offers. Create unique software bundles and use our wide range of offers from our trusted vendors.

3. Earn Money

Turn your software into cash immediately with InstallShare. After your files are bundled, it´s time for you to sit back, relax and let InstallShare do the monetizing of your products.


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How InstallShare works.

InstallShare is our high-end downloader specifically developed to let your business grow and expand. While users download your products, InstallShare networks with our range of affiliate partners to turn your downloads into cash. Our system automatically places profitable offers in your downloading interface to generate an additional value for your users.

Turn your software into cash.

Our wide range of offers by our trusted vendors lets you create customized file bundles for your products. Your users will enjoy the benefits of helpful software bundles and are free to decide whether to accept the offer or not. This technology allows you to earn money with the software you publish by simply compiling the most efficient bundles for your users.

A platform for your brand.

InstallShare is fully customizable in terms of design and layout. You can individually design your interface to meet your corporate identity to the highest degree. InstallShare boosts your brand recognition and is a professional extension for you and your products as a unique and modern brand.

All the info you need.

Our downloading platform allows you to monitor all processes within seconds. You can track all relevant figures for your business, including completion rates, browser information, monetization rates and much more and export them at any time. As a result, InstallShare delivers important key figures for your ROI and monitors your users' behavior to optimize your business.