InstallShare is a high-end downloader for software distribution.

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InstallShare delivers smart and safe downloading processes with integrated click-through offers to generate new leads and clients.

Our downloader is the perfect tool for quick and secure software distribution and is able to place targeted offers and campaigns to a vast range of users while downloading. The interface itself is fully customizable and meets the highest standards of your corporate identity and brand guidelines.


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Maximum control for your campaigns.

Our stand-alone reporting system provides you with all the relevant data for close monitoring of your campaigns. You will get access to key figures like installation rates, completion rates and country reports.

Prior to any campaign, you will be able to set the rules and parameters for your advertising strategy by determining your target country for the respective campaign.

You will also be able to perform a registry and file check to ensure that no similar competitor product is already installed on a lead's machine.

Target your products straight to the point.

InstallShare helps you saving money for your advertising campaigns. Our high-end technology guarantees perfect targeting for your campaigns. Customized file bundles for certain target groups make sure your offers and products will be displaced in the right place.

Save your marketing budget with InstallShare. Our cutting-edge technology is the fastest way to take you straight to your target audience. Save the costs for researching and defining your targets – InstallShare offers it all and pushes your products several steps further.

Transparent tracking of your ROI.

Keep track of every process and use our transparent and secure tracking system to stay up to date. InstallShare's advanced reporting system provides you with every detail you need for your ROI – any time and everywhere.

InstallShare keeps you focused on the success of your campaigns and distributes your offers directly to your target audience. Simply track your click-through rates and see how smart our system works.